The classic way to smoke cannabis is through the joint. It’s also a great way for people to get high on the taste of cannabis. Everyone who smokes cannabis should learn how to roll a Joint.

There are many ways to roll one. But whatever method you choose, ensure your creation burns evenly and smoothly.

What Is The Amount Of Weed In A Joint?
We recommend that you start with 1/2 gram of marijuana and 1 1/4 inch rolling papers. This is enough weed to last a couple of people. Rolling the joint on the smaller side will be easier.

Pre-rolls are usually sold in full-gram quantities, but some pre-rolls come in half-gram packs.

You can improve your rolling skills and move to King-sized papers and full-gram joints. This will allow you to expand your smoking circle.

A Step-By-Step Guide To How To Roll A Joint
This is our seven-step guide to the easiest way to roll classic cone joints, even for beginners.

Begin by gathering your rolling materials:

    • Choose the cannabis strain that you prefer
    • Rolling papers
    • Crutch (for the joint tip)
    • Cannabis grinder
    • Optional: A pen, or another thin object that can be used to pack the joint

Step 1: Grind The Cannabis

Use a grinder to grind your cannabis into a powder. The consistency of your cannabis shake makes it easier to fill the joint. It also makes rolling the joint much more enjoyable. The grinder prevents your hands from sticking on the paper

It should be easy to break down cannabis if it has been dried properly. You can also use scissors to break down cannabis if you don’t own a grinder.

Step 2: Make A Crutch Or Filter
A crutch is also known as a tip or filter. Begin by folding a few accordion folds. Then roll the crutch until it reaches the thickness you desire.

There are many things you can crunch out of, but filter tips are thin, stiff pieces of paper that make it easy. You can also use business cards, rolls of paper packs, or other thin cardboard pieces as solid go-to’s.

Although a crutch is not necessary, it can add stability to your joint and allow you to smoke every drop of cannabis without burning yourself. The crutch helps prevent smoke from escaping your mouth or falling into your lungs as you smoke.

Step 3: Fill The Rolling Papers With Cannabis
Place the crutch on one side of the roll paper. Then, fill the paper with a shake. You can shape the joint using your fingers once the paper is weighed down by half to full grams.

One quick note about papers: There are many types and varieties of rolling papers. Hemp papers are preferred by many because they are thin and strong, burn evenly, and don’t affect the flavor of your marijuana. However, there are many papers that can be used.

Step 4: Roll Your Joint
After you have loaded and shaped the joint, it is time to roll it. To pack your cannabis in its final shape, pinch the paper between your fingers and roll it backward and forwards.

Step 5: Seal The Joint
This step is crucial to the quality of your joint. You can use a little moisture to moisten the edge of the glued paper.

Pro tip: Begin with the crutch side, as it can guide the paper while it rolls.

Once you have taped the paper to one side, you can start working your way down the seam by tucking the joint and sealing it.

Step 6: Pack The Joint
To ensure a uniform burn, wrap the joint open. You can use any thin material, even a pen.

If you are on the move, there are some good options: your shoelace tip, your drawstring on your hoodie, or a small stick. You don’t need to spark your joint immediately, so give the tip a twist and close it.

Step 7: Enjoy The Joint

There Are Other Ways To Roll A Joint
There are many ways to roll a joint. They can be rolled small or large. Be creative! You can even turn joint rolling into an art form, by rolling your cannabis into unique origami.

A dollar bill can also be used to roll a joint. Fold a dollar bill in half, and place your ground marijuana in it. You can roll it back and forth. Slip a piece of rolling paper behind it and wrap it around. Give it a good rub. It’s easy.

You can also try other joint options, such as a cross joint, which is two joints that are crossed in the middle. This gives you three ends to see, a pinner, or an L or tulip joint, which has extra weed at the tip.